keskiviikko 9. toukokuuta 2012

A few words about fur industry

There is at least one occupation which I find even more horrible than death. I can honestly say that I’d rather dismiss myself from our beautiful world than embrace the habits of being a fur farmer.

Fur farming is against everything that’s dear to me, everything I wish to fight for. It’s obvious to me that animal rights can never come true in such circumstances; real, breathing and feeling mammals stuffed into a small cage with no floor to stand on. No-one is interested in taking care of their medical problems let alone mental wellbeing and regular needs. When the silver foxes and other fur industry animals are big enough they are euthanized or in worst case skinned alive to ensure that the fur and skin are in the best possible condition for selling. This kind of torturing is something I would never wish to even support, not to mention doing it myself.

I can’t see how anyone can be so callous to be able to work as a fur farmer. I speak for animal rights and support wildlife protection, but even if I wasn’t so concerned about such things I still could never imagine doing a job like that. It just doesn’t seem like a human thing to cause so much agony for other intelligent animals, though actually humans are the only species that would ever even consider doing something so evidently awful.
Mä tiedän, että oikeastaan tän ei ole tarkoitus olla yhteiskunnallisesti kantaaottava blogi, joten antakaa anteeksi.

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