tiistai 7. kesäkuuta 2011

White magic

Yes. I'm starting a new blog again. And as everyone knows, i always fail my blog-attemps. It is going to be in whatever language that comes to my mind first, since i speak both fluently. Anyway, this blog is going to be full of whatever comes to my mind, probably also comics (even though i can't really draw) and most of all my wonderful life with my two doggies. Probably this is going to end up being a pretty boring story of my agility-pracs and outdoor life with Taika, a white small kleinspitz, and Minni, an orange kleinspitz. Try to live with it.

Today is probably one of hottest days in Tampere for over 10 months of so, and i'm sitting inside. Soon i'm leaving to the beatch nearby with my friend R and dogs. Sadly the water is still freezing, but atleast we can sunbathe and cool down a bit in the ice cold lake. I really feel like eating strawberries, but sadly i don't have any.

About agility: Yesterday evening we had one hour pracs, and it all went well, except for the fact that the whole indoor arena was like a freakin' hot sauna.

Suorastaan järjetön kasvihuone, mutta mikäpäs sen hauskempaa kuin sellasessa treenaaminen. Huomenna kahden tunnin treeni auringonpaisteessa. Saatetaan muuttua rusinoiksi.

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